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class there. >>> in the last hour we learned a boy who was shot this afternoon in san jose is expected to survive. the shooting happened after 3:00 p.m. this afternoon. police say the injured teen is 16-17 years old. people in the area tell ktvu he was shot twice. investigators say it may be gang related. at this point no arrests have been made. >>> san jose police released a sketch of two men accused of homicide and opening fire on two police officers. police arrested jonathan wilbanks of san jose friday night. they say he shot and killed a man during a carjacking. authorities identified the victim. the two men then committed three more armed robberies before shooting at an officer. the other suspect is still on the run. take a look at this. this is video from a surveillance camera. shows them inside a gas station. the they are offering a $20,000 reward for information in this case. >> police arrested five people in connection with a killing of a homeless man this weekend. these five people are accused of killing a 51-year-old at a camp site. the victim's name hasn't been released. in
the bay area. downtown san jose, wind and rain is passing through tonight. we have live team coverage and we start with our chief meteorologist bill martin. >> it is wet, cold out there and snow on the peaks around the bay area. the snow flurries showing up in the white there. come in close. the areas i am tracking towards the bridge. we will come in closer here. lose altose. -- lose altose. the rain is coming down. 14/100 inches an hour. heavy right now in this area. more scattered showers like this as we go into the evening and into tomorrow. when i come back, we will track that cell moving south and east towards san jose and more rain. i will see you back here. >> thank you. ktvu's john fowler is live where the fast moving rain hit first. john? >> reporter: we are in a cool spot and clear spot. i can see stars. temperatures here 49 degrees. i want to look that lights of san francisco. you can see how clear it is. that means it will be cold. all day long we were watching rain showers through the bay area. >> series of showers pelted the bay area after yesterday's 70s. today cold and
're at the san ramon golf club. >> in just the past half hour san jose police released a photo in the suspect of a mysterious death of a woman this morning. robert handa is live in san jose where a body was found inside a home just before daylight. >> reporter: we are still here. as you can see it's very dark. investigators have been inside the house now for hours. what has changed before is now they are working a homicide with a known suspect. a short while ago police released this picture of troy nosenzo who is believed to be on the run. police won't release details. he is married to a woman who lived with him at the house for many years. the coroner's office is not releasing the victim. a 911 call was made from this house in south san jose this morning. shortly after 12:30 this afternoon the santa clara medical examiner's office was removing a body. what happened during that time is mostly a mystery. patrol units in the area at the time of the 911 were preoccupied with a series of high priority car crashes nearby. a day shift patrol that came in just before 7:00 a.m. showed up to the house
are in fairfield, richmond, and san jose. >> i plan to walk out on black friday too. >> wal-mart has the right to make money, but they shouldn't do that in an unjust fashion. they should make sure their employees are paid fairly and justly and don't live on the edge of desperation. >> reporter: wal-mart maintains it will be business as usual at all its stores and that shoppers will see nothing unusual over the next few days. rob roth, ktvu channel 2 news. >>> shelters around the bay area are opening their doors to those in need this thanksgiving and a growing number of them are veterans. new at 6, john is live in redwood city with the help being offered this holiday to those who served our country in uniform. >> reporter: this is the maple street shelter where residents are wrapping up dinner here on the night before thanksgiving. 75 men and women live here, including those who were willing to make the ultimate sacrifice for their country. johnny served during the vietnam area. >> i felt like i was going to day. >> reporter: this has been amos's home since july. it's not where this veteran thi
they want. whoever becomes san jose's next police chief will inherit a department with nearly 1100 sworn officers that many say is grappling with morale and staffing issues. the president of the police officers association said he doesn't know specifically about candidates, but there are two names that have frequently surfaced. sacramento chief rick braziel, and fresno police chief deerer. another is being pushed by one counsel member, and that is gary kirby, assistant chief of police in san jose. >>> paul chambers live in san francisco with the requirements for dangerous, but also essential jobs. paul. >> duane: >> if people are looking for a josh, they don't mind working holidays or weekends, look no farther than law enforcement agencies like chp. a lot are understaffed as some are preparing for retirement. highway patrol officers need your help. >> we're looking for highly motivated individuals. people interested in a career in law enforcement who will be able to serve not only chp, but our community. >> reporter: chp is hiring statewide with a starting salary of $65,000 a year. once
as an employee. live in san jose, robert handa, ktvu channel 2 news. >>> california's fair political practices commission says backers of the effort to defeat proposition 30 illegally launders money. ktvu's consumer editor tom vacar is live now. >> reporter: that campaign thing is over right now, everybody has gone. the controversy very much remains. $11million spent to defeat prop 30 and pass prop 32. who wrote the checks is still unknown. the money trail leads back from the post office box of an arizona entity, to another called the center to protect patient rights, to another one called americans for job security. >> the money gone through three hands before it got to the arizona group and came to california. >> reporter: law can protect the identity of the person who funded the money. >> these particular organizations do not have to reveal their donors. >> reporter: unless prosecutors can prove a conspiracy to laundther money. >> looks -- launder the money. >> looks like there could be violation of the law. >> reporter: that would be a felony. >> money laundering is a lower level of offens
what's happening in san jose. san jose is, they've had moisture. but it hasn't been raining. it won't start raining for a while. san francisco is about to get hit with showers. we'll have details in about 10 minutes. whether it's raining in the north bay right now. john sasaki is live with the impact it's having. >> reporter: we're at lagoon park. you can see that the rain is coming down just a little bit right now. all day in marine the rain has be coming and going. at times steady but mostly intermittent drizzle. this sparked a rush for service at tire pro store. many drivers coming in for tuneups and maintenance before the thanksgiving day get away. the manager said it'd be a much longer day than normal. the rain slowed a big shopping day. many folks were getting ready for thursday's big feast picking up all the necessities. not discolonelled by the rain one bit. >> the weather does play a bit of a role this year because the rain has been a little late if coming. slippery streets. people are more cognizant of the fact their tires need to be attended to. >> it's watering all the p
the medical center and public health and welfare. san jose's minimum wage will increase from $8 to $10 an hour. voters approved measure d. it will take effect 90 days after results are certified. san jose measure e passed. it allows them to expand the number of tables over the next two years and allows card rooms to offer gaming without additional voter approval as long as it is legal. www.ktvu.com has complete election results for the bay area. look on the right side of the home page. >>> 5 years ago the oil spill killed birds and sea life around the bay. ktvu's health and science editor john fowler investigates the lessons learned and what still needs to be done. >> reporter: on a foggy morning, the harbor pilot plowed into the bay bridge, spilling 53,000 gallons of fuel oil. critics say the government response was slow. >> it was a minor spill but they allowed it to get away. >> reporter: the oil fouled shorelines in and out of the bay. 6,000 birds died. lack of data kept them from knowing the full extent of damage. >> not a lot of research so we don't know how well it was covered. >> repor
. temperatures up from today. warmest locations 69 to the lower 70s. santa cruz, 72. san jose 68 degrees. five-day forecast with your bay area weekend in view, temperatures come down a little bit for saturday and sunday. we will thicken up the clouds by monday and tuesday. good news, beautiful this weekend. lots of sunshine out there. >> end of november and it 72. >> we will take it. thank you. >>> tonight on bay area news at 7:00 on tv 36, lined up for hours, some days. but the black friday turn out this year isn't expected to be as big as year's past. >> a different kind of drive. that story still ahead. join us for these stories and more on bay area news at 7:00 on tv 36. >>> thanksgiving football. sports is next. look at you guys with your fancy-schmancy u-verse high speed internet. you know, in my day you couldn't just start streaming six ways to sunday. you'd get knocked off. and sometimes, it took a minute to download a song. that's sixty seconds, for crying out loud. we know how long a minute is! sitting, waiting for an album to download. i still have back problems. you're only 14 and
. if convicted shshe faces six months in jail. in san jose. a man has filed a lawsuit against the redwood city district after he said his son was called a slave by an employee he said his 12-year- old was told to clean up the lunch room of the school. the boy who is african american refused saying he wasn't a slave. the employee allegedly answered you are my slave. the district would not comment on the suit but said the school took immediate and appropriate action and said the employee no longer works for them. >> in lafayette police arrested a woman as part of an ongoing crack down on prostitution. it happened last night. officers cited 41. the police chief said the city is in the process of revoking the company's license. in june she passed an ordinance requiring state certificatation of therapists. >> a -- this is scott stevens after a judge bit him and his board. he was surfing off the coast of eureka when the attack happened. after the shark released him he said he managed to paddle to shore while bleeding. three other surfers came to his aid and drove him to the hospital. he has a 14-i
was injured today in san jose on north bound highway 101 before 3:30 p.m. this afternoon. a car ended up underneath another car. two other cars were also involved. the roads were wet at the time of the crash but they haven't said if the accident was weather related. >>> theitate is recommended a -- the state is recommending a womb be banned from working in public services. she was told to serve only store bought food. she served mushrooms that were poisoninous. -- poisonous. >>> we took a look today at the new advanced water purification center being built in san jose. it is located along zacker road. it will supply water for landscaping. >> right now 5% of our water supply is from recycled water. we have a goal to increase that to 10% over the next 10 years. >> the project is funded by  federal stimulus money, grants and 11 million from the city of san jose. >>> an ordinance that would allow airport staff to shoot birds around the airport. there have been 180 reported incidents of bird strikes since 2009. >>> the u.s. labor department said jobless claims jobbed for the second straight
harvest and the 49ers kicked off a holiday food drive in san jose this morning. second harvest wants to stock this warehouse by teaming up with the 49ers. organizers are hoping to raise $12.4 million and distribute 2 million pounds of food. 49ers ceo plains meeting children's needs ask why they got involved. >> when you are hungry you can't learn or be healthy. >> 25,000 people turned to second harvest each month. >> the rise in gang violence san francisco police say they are seeing in this neighborhood. >> killing kids. people's daddies. awful. >> a store owner is gunned down during a robbery. what family, police and the neighborhood are vowing to do in the wake of his killing. >> we got coastal fog but tonight the valley fog sets up again, which areas could have issue with the friday morning commute. >>> a neighborhood is vowing to find the person who shot and killed an owner of a cell phone store last night. police say he was killed during a robbery around 730 p.m. last night at his cell phone store. his store was a neighborhood main stay for 14 years. >> it is such a sad, sad mom
10 cents a gallon in the past week. in san francisco $3.94 a gallon. oakland $3.82. and san jose $3.78 for a gallon. >>> at www.ktvu.com we can help you fill up for less. look under the business tap on www.ktvu.com to find the least expensive gas prices. >>> flame retardant compounds are linked to developmental delays in children. pbde is found in foam, furniture, carpets and carpets and other stuff. >>> whether to turn down the sound at a popular plaza. the plaza is a gathering spot for many musicians. now they are considering setting limits on night time sound. they will discuss the issue on monday. >>> a man has been looking for a sign and now he says he found that sign in a most unlikely place. ktvu's jade hernandez went to see that symbol for herself. >> reporter: holding it in his hands, see an image of a cross embended in the trunk of a -- embedded in the trunk of a tree. he had been looking for a sign from his brother who died a month ago. his faith in god wavered when he felt he couldn't cope with the loss. >> it is here. maybe he is telling me everything -- it is okay. goi
would be happy that i add this to the total. girls, we now have 1,423 coats. report live from san jose, rita williams, ktvu channel 2 news. >>> one warm coat in walnut creek. it's friendly competition to help those in need. which community will give the most. >> why more than 6,000 people will spend the next 10 days here in downtown san francisco speaking a secret language. >> a great day to be outside right now even san francisco. you can see some ice skaters here. coming up, when rain chances have been added for the bay area forecast. our >>> it's our 10th annual one warm coat event. it's an easy way to help someone this holiday season. one coat could really make a huge difference in someone's life. this is a live look at what's going on at walnut creek. we'll find out how much many coats have been collected there in a moment, but first let's go over to bay street in emmyville. fred, how are the donations going? >> reporter: well, great. i'm very impressed here. we're at 883. -- 983. our goal was to reach a thousand. this young lady here has been so excited. karen, what do you want
murder and attempted murder. and check out with police and took place november 16th. san jose was arrested at the time and arraigned much and they had been on the run before captured and conquered friday night. >> he's charged with the commission of a murder. >> and some legal analyst, the defense will separate the adut and juvenile. >> the d.a. will look at this as who did what? the defense, why did this happen? what influence did the adult have on him? >> police say he was definitely a willing participant. >> didn't get to the strategies and attorneys and more culpable. and ducking down in his car, he had two individuals trying to kill him. >> and both are held without bail. ktvu channel 2 news. >> a new york city nanny pleaded not guilty in the fate of stabbings of two children in her care. they entered the plea while still in the hospital. police say she stabbed herself after killing 6-year-old latchia and 2-year-old leo crim last month. the crim family lived in san francisco before moving to manhattan. the children's father was previously an executive in yahoo! at sunnyva
that you've got a few showers showing up there and as we work our way a little bit further south san jose saying what's the big deal we're wet down here but not see ago ton of rain. so the rain is coming um. there's more rain in the forecast as we go into tonight and as we go into the weekend. when i come back we'll have that, the latest computer model and your five-day forecast. >>> storm watch coverage continues now as the rain is expected to intense fie in the coming hours. he is live now just off of interstate 101. eric, is it tough getting around right now. >> it certainly is. now, you can actually see the traffic behind me on northbound 101. not so bad at this point. i can tell you a little bit south of here, we have seen slow traffic and a little problem here on the onramp is you can see happening live right in front of us. we've been getting a steady dose of rain in the last 90 minutes at least that we've been here and, in fact, in just the last few minutes or so, the rain has really picked up. you might be able to see it on your careen here. we want to show you one of the things
of trauma to his body. >>> there is word tonight a marine from san jose was shot and killed by police in palm springs over the weekend. the coroner's office has not released his name. family members identify him as 22 year old alan d. vienna il. there was an altercation and two officers opened fire, fearing for their lives and the people around them. the marine was based at camp pendleton. >>> a crime alert was issued following a rash of burglaries. a dozen were reported in october alone. the burglars knock on the door looking for empty homes in the middle of the day, residents should lock doors when leaving, even if only for a short time. >>> the highway patrol says -- alcohol is to blame for a car driving through a guardrail that fell about 25 feet on westbound interstate 8 o. the suv landed on its roof. the driver and passenger only suffered minor injuries. authorities say the driver is a 20 year old man from concord. he was arrested on suspicion of felony drunk delivering. >>> governor brown says the federal government needs to back off as states make their own laws when it comes
: the san francisco school house raised enough money to guarantee health care for the teacher it plansto hire this fall. >> >> a handful of high school students got a jump start on their careers today at san jose state. they are using the campus to host its high-tech view program. the three day event works with high school students interested in science, technology -- >> the found he offers high-tech >>> tonight, kind of cool, some clouds, overnight lows, upper 30s, that's chilly, tomorrow, late afternoon, it's mostly cloudy and sprinkles will develop in the evening hours. as we head into friday, rain returns. that's when the bulk of the he system wants to move through. it's not a huge system. it will not wash your gutters away or anything like that, but it will be wet and have an impact on the friday morning and afternoon commute. nice today, temperatures in the low 70s. here comes system number one, showers likely. it gets here late thursday night into friday morning. morning commute kind of damp. afternoon commute kind of damp. half inch in the hilly locations. those will be the areas
then sacramento then the davis or san jose. the first thing you will notice late tonight will be those winds. late tonight the winds are already going to 30 miles per hour. watch what happens in the morning, 7:00 a.m. i've got 44-mile an hour winds down in half-moon bay. that's big. those are big winds. the model comes up with less wind as we get past the 11:00 hour. that's because we're going to have frontal pass. the winds die down after that. they'll be blowing but not as strong. we could easily see tomorrow along the coast gusts close to 60 miles per hour. easily. this first system is all about the morning commute. it's all about the wind and it's all about heavy rain especially in the north bay. and in the hills of the coast. so this is how it goes. by lunchtime it's kind of winding down. in the morning. tune in tomorrow morning they're here at 4:30. steve paulson is here and mark tamayo is going to come in and help steve out because they're going to be tracking this thing in the morning hours. system number two rolls in here as we head into thursday. a second system will focus on the north b
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